A story of freshness

Bath Salts and Soap


Hello everyone. My name is Katrina and I'm a stay at home Mum with 3 teenagers- well all in double digits so getting there and my eldest has beautiful porcelain skin that reacted to so many products I decided to make my own . 

I started my skincare making journey using high quality melt and pour soap then progressed on to cold process soap, as well as playing with creating other skin loving products like body butters and salt scrubs.



My soaps fall into two categories, the glycerine soaps made using melt and pour soap base which is a quicker method of soap making and this is reflected in the price. After trying and testing many types as well as researching different ingredients I decided on the SLS and SLES free. As it is sulphate and paraben free its incredibly gentle whilst still creating a rich lather and leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh without any of the drying effects from ones which contain sulphates.


The others are my cold process soaps and these are handmade by me from start to finish and take a bit more love, care and time to create. These soaps are my real love and I feel a real sense of pride whenever I create a recipe that produces attractive, skin loving soaps that I love you using and I can't wait to hear how you enjoy them too. I watched so many youtubers who went through the process step by step and that's why I decided making and selling soaps wasn't enough, I wanted to create a blog and give back in the hopes of inspiring others to start their own DIY skincare journeys.

In the UK we are governed by EU regulations so its the responsibility of the seller to ensure all products have a CPSR for every product they sell and every variation of that product. All products that are for sale on this site have these. I will be creating blog posts so you can learn about are ingredients and products as well as you learning how to create your own products, or want to try your hand at a new skill.  

So everybody I have loved creating these products and I truly hope you enjoy using them as much as I have making them.