DIY Christmas Snow Globes

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

As Christmas is soon approaching and the world around us is uncertain, at all by myself we are embracing the extra time at home with craft and skincare projects . I laways wanted to be good at art but wasn't blessed with natural talent when it comes to art, so I get so excited when I find something simple to create that looks effective and I hope you will enjoy trying these out too.

You will need

A jar/glass with a coaster



Small figurines


Glitter- preferably eco friendly

Half an hour of your time

Gloves for handling the glue- please don't stick your fingers together like I did first time round

Here is how to do it

Get all your bits together and a place to make your creation.

Put some glue on the base of your figure and stick it to the lid of the jar or coaster.

Whilst drying mix the water, glitter and glycerine in a ratio of 100ml water and 15ml glycerine. The glitter is up to you, I used 10 grams of glitter and mixed it into the glycerine then added to the water.

Put the liquid into your jar/ glass and fill with the glitter mixture.

For jars simply put the lid on and shake and voila you have a snow globe

For wineglasses put superglue around the rim then fill the glass with the glitter mixture.

Stick the coaster with the figures to it and allow to try.

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