Relieve Lockdown boredom with the kids making soap

A simple craft to make at home with the kids that results with a cute soap that you can use or give as gifts.

Most of the things you need you can get on Amazon or at different shops, the cheaper version if you buy a kilo of melt and pour soap base you can buy everything for under £15 and at the end you will have a kilo of soap ( so 10 lots of 100g bars ).

At a cost of £1.50 a bar its a great new way to keep you all clean and the kids entertained for an afternoon, not to mention a cute present to send to your loved ones whilst we are unable to visit each other.

You will need

Melt and pour soap base ( 1kg )

Isopropyl alcohol ( rubbing alcohol) in a spray bottle ( if you get extra you will have half of what you need for next week's post on making your own hand gel)

Colour suitable for soaps ( dye or mica powder)

Optional- A fragrance oil or essential oil if you want to add a scent

First cut the melt and pour into 2cm cubes.

Melt in the microwave in 30 second bursts, and stir after each burst until its become a liquid.

Spray with isopropyl alcohol to get rid of bubbles on the top

Add the colourant- if using soap dye just a few drops, if using mica powder use 1-2grams and stir through throughly. Spray with the alcohol to break the mica down better as your stirring it in

Use the rubbing alcohol and lightly spritz the top to get rid of any bubbles.

Carefully pour into your mould then spritz again.

Wait overnight for them to dry and voila, you just made your first soap.

Extra Effort Section

If you want to make something more interesting you can create a design within your soap,

for example you could make some green soap then cut it to look like reeds.( See the steps in the pictures below)

We made a blue background then once dried put on top your reeds, and a yellow circle as the sun.

You can make whatever you like, I loved doing this with my children and making dreary afternoons more fun.

It's also reignited the child in me who loved art but wasn't blessed with the drawing or painting skills, soaps have allowed me to complete that childhood dream of mine.

Spend a little extra Section

Rather than buying just one mould you could buy another one- eg ducks,dinosaurs or turtles like I have( see image above)

, go through the steps as before to make the feature ( eg the turtle and shells) and your background.

Once both are dry put your feature on top of your background and fix into place with some clear melt and pour soap.If you want to go even further why not have your feature climbing into or out of the soap, we do this for our fish out of water soaps by balancing the fish half in and out of the mould then pouring in the soap base so the fish is jumping out of the water.

I'd love to see what you make so please please please send us some photos of your creations too.

Happy Soap Making

For those of you who try this out please let me know, id love to hear from you

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